City Branding Can Grow the Economy

Day by day, cities are competing with each other to attract tourists, students, businesses, investors and new residents. Consequently, they are increasingly adopting marketing approaches resulting in what is commonly known as city marketing. City marketing is one of the tools used by public and … [Read more...]

Green Marketing: An Opportunity but Also a Responsibility

By: Daniel Fumero Lázaro Year after year, we see our environment increasingly deteriorating. A recent study produced by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) states that humans will need “two Earths” to support our lifestyles by 2030.  We are quickly draining the world’s resources. Therefore, the … [Read more...]

Interns Are Critical to Global Growth

by Daniel Fumero Lázaro Working as an intern from the Canary Islands within the United States has allowed me to directly participate in global commerce. The Canary Islands, a Spanish Territory 60 miles off the coast of West Africa, serves as a strategic business hub between African and European … [Read more...]