Why the C-Suite Desperately Needs Human-Centered Communication Planning

Mergers and acquisitions, overhauling ineffective customer engagement models, and enterprise-wide Information Technology deployments will guarantee disruptive change within any organization. Invariably the CEO declares success to shareholders when the merger is complete. The Chief Operations Officer … [Read more...]

Public Relations Trends to Watch This Year

Now that we've closed the door on 2013, what can public relations professionals, and those who rely on their services, expect. I've included five public relations trends to watch. Traditional media will continue to slow. What brands are doling out is not information, but curating and giving … [Read more...]

Technology Solutions and Services – The Smart Approach to Customer Engagement

Converging social will, environmental stewardship, and financial responsibility – or the Triple Bottom Line - requires that smart water metering technology providers adapt and deliver 21st Century sustainable solutions. We have seen successful smart water metering deployments where a vendor … [Read more...]