CBC Magazine Article: IPG Connects Self-employed PR Pros

This article first appeared in CBC Magazine By Lauren Sable Freiman | Photo by Jim Baron Being self-employed certainly has many advantages. But camaraderie and the opportunity to bounce ideas around the office typically aren’t among those advantages. That’s where the Independent Practitioners … [Read more...]

Be More Visible – Join Patch.com

We're always sharing ways for you to “be more visible.” In our booklet, Be More Visible! Create More Interest in You, Your Product or Service we shared 60 ways to get attention for you, your product or service. Of course, there are much more than 60. Here's another way: Patch.com. What is … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Make Your Business “More Visible”

With today's marketing strategies focusing primarily with online visibility (websites and social media), many people seem to have forgotten about making themselves visible - that ”face-to-face" interaction has almost gone the way of the payphone. Below are several ways to make "you" and "your" … [Read more...]