CBC Magazine Article: IPG Connects Self-employed PR Pros

This article first appeared in CBC Magazine By Lauren Sable Freiman | Photo by Jim Baron Being self-employed certainly has many advantages. But camaraderie and the opportunity to bounce ideas around the office typically aren’t among those advantages. That’s where the Independent Practitioners … [Read more...]

States Need to Follow California’s Lead in Smart Energy and Water Management

When the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge was experiencing a high point, many people were agitated that water was being wasted. Those not living in water challenged states like California may not have understood what all the fuss was about. "It's just a little bucket of water!" The state of California … [Read more...]

Short on Cash?…Advertise! The Ohio Turnpike OKs Marketing Program

When you're short on cash, advertise! There was a time when you didn't see ads from doctors, lawyers and the pharmaceutical companies. Now, the Ohio Turnpike Commission has moved to raise revenue through advertising. The Ohio Turnpike Commission is offering Sponsorship deals and ads in … [Read more...]