Smart and Sustainable Urban Planning

Spearheaded by Todd Q. Adams, chief of sustainability and innovation, public relations veteran and strategic communication planning expert, Visibility Marketing can help realize measurable results by offering our clients:

Smart and sustainable urban planning services that include:

  • Multi-stakeholder engagement for regional planning initiatives
  • Program management for Sustainability initiatives (social, economic, and environmental)
  • Communication planning and management for green infrastructure initiatives.
  • Community outreach and public engagement strategy development.
  • Market segmentation for Intelligent Transportation and Sustainable Mobility
  • Triple bottom line (social, economic, and environmental) messaging for urban revitalization initiatives.
  • Communication planning for initiatives that facilitate high population density growth.
  • Targeted messaging and customized customer outreach strategy development for diverse demographic groups.
  • Facilitating public awareness and community education forums for neighborhood mixed used (retail, housing, commercial) development.

If you are a public-interest organization or an anchor stakeholder as part of an urban regional planning initiative, VMI can help you strategize, deploy, or communicate your messages to the right audiences.