Project Identity: Capital Improvements and Major Construction Services

Spearheaded by Todd Q. Adams, chief officer of sustainability and innovation, energy technology veteran and expert in sustainability, Visibility Marketing Inc. will help you create the Project’s vision and message, determine the best media for each audience, help deliver that message and measure and report outcomes.

Capital improvements and major construction services include:

  • Customized project identity development for capital improvements project owners.
  • Public engagement designed to help foster 21st century sustainable communities.
  • Smart construction messaging that links aligns physical infrastructure development with regional economic development.
  • Urban revitalization message development for chambers of commerce and government entities.
  • Electronic media and social media communication planning and delivery.
  • Traditional message delivery via television, radio, and print medium.
  • Strategic message development and image control.
  • Targeted messaging to business, civic, and community stakeholders.

If you are a capital improvements project owner, VMI can help manage your message across diverse audiences.