Smart Messaging – Branding is Key to Organizational Sustainability

Branding is not just for the Coke's and Disney's of the world. Branding is for everyone. It's more than a logo and tagline. Branding is a strategy.  When thinking about a strategic branding campaign for your business, begin with your audience. To whom are you speaking? With a creative focus, … [Read more...]

Smart Inclusion™ – The New Normal for Capital Improvements

Commercial buildings account for 35 percent of US and 40 percent of global electric consumption. They eat up 30 percent of companies’ operating budgets and account for nearly 20 percent of worldwide carbon emissions, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. By integrating smart energy and … [Read more...]

Alternative Ways to Communicate Your Company’s Sustainability Brand You want to let the world know your work in sustainability, but it's a daunting task. You do so much. What's the easiest way to communicate it all? Thanks for asking. You need to make your messages personal and relatable: Get to how people live. Start with where … [Read more...]