Do-It-Yourself Marketing. Can You Really?

I recently attended a seminar that focused on how to get more clients. This is the premise: If you want more customers, you have to do all of the marketing yourself. Don’t rely on anyone else to do it for you. While this sounds great and wonderful, it may not always be practical. Let’s think … [Read more...]

Annual Reports… Who Reads Them?

No one.  Annual Reports are long, boring and usually have awful photos. Well…not all of them. Some people actually do read them, because even though they are few and far between, there are good Annual Reports out there.  You just have to know how to create them. Corporations with shareholders … [Read more...]

Be More Visible! And The Power of Ten

The number ten signifies completeness. It implies that nothing is wanting. Ten is a very significant number so far for me in 2010. Here’s why: ~We launched the much needed and very helpful booklet Be More Visible! Create More Interest in You, Your Product or Service ~We celebrated Visibility … [Read more...]