Maia Beatty

Maia Beatty is a Master Trainer, motivational keynote speaker, co-active coach, and published author. Her fifth book, Dance Into Your Power was released in October, 2012.

Since 1987, Beatty’s training and coaching programs, international keynote presentations and inspirational books have helped thousands of people around the world identify, access, and claim their personal power. She uses the challenges she has overcome to build road maps for achievement. Beatty is skilled at accessing her power in any circumstance—and is gifted at showing others how to do it.

Challenge:  Maia Beatty needed an experienced public relations professional to assist her with creating more visibility for Dance Into your Power. She was interested in receiving national attention for speaking engagements and increasing sales for her books.

Solution: Visibility Marketing Inc. created press releases and a strategic public relations plan for visibility on national talk television and radio shows.