Cuyahoga County, Ohio

Cuyahoga County spans 1,246 square miles and is the largest municipal county on Ohio. According to the 2010 census, Cuyahoga County’s population is 1,280,122.

The Juvenile Justice Center Project was Cuyahoga County’s first construction project in over 20 years. The $189 million project included 10 floors (including the basement) consisting of a medical department, detention housing units, visitation area, laundry, kitchen, two gymnasiums, court offices, courtrooms and magistrate chambers.

Challenge:  Included in the construction project was minority and female inclusion. Cuyahoga County needed to communicate to the public the minority participation involved. Of keen interest was the Fairfax neighborhood where the Center is located.

Solution: Cuyahoga County hired Visibility Marketing Inc. to create a monthly informational newsletter that informed the community about the process and progress of the Juvenile Justice Center Project. Each month, Tower of Change provided the Fairfax community residents, County employees, local churches and businesses, Greater Cleveland information on the construction progress of the Juvenile Justice Center. A different trade was highlighted in addition to a minority and/or female construction worker or company.