Using Public Relations for Success in Content Marketing

The public relations world has changed dramatically since I entered the field. The tactics practitioners use have moved to a new frontier. The word "content marketing" didn't even exist then. Now, it's one of the best ways to communicate to vast audiences. Public relations can include online and … [Read more...]

Smart Messaging – Branding is Key to Organizational Sustainability

Branding is not just for the Coke's and Disney's of the world. Branding is for everyone. It's more than a logo and tagline. Branding is a strategy.  When thinking about a strategic branding campaign for your business, begin with your audience. To whom are you speaking? With a creative focus, … [Read more...]

Smart Inclusion™ – A Sustainable Business Practice

One can read almost any survey among executives across industry sectors, and they all cite talent attraction and retention and a lack of innovation as their biggest challenges. Revenue remains flat, and there have no fresh ideas for quite a while. One can easily picture a cartoon of boardroom full … [Read more...]