Technology Solutions and Services – The Smart Approach to Customer Engagement

Converging social will, environmental stewardship, and financial responsibility – or the Triple Bottom Line - requires that smart water metering technology providers adapt and deliver 21st Century sustainable solutions. We have seen successful smart water metering deployments where a vendor … [Read more...]

Capital Improvements – It’s More Than a Construction Project – It’s a Message

When we see cranes, earth moving equipment and road detours, it abruptly informs us of major community construction projects.   I drive by such sites and wonder what is being built.  Sometimes a sign may provide evidence of a new hotel, a state of the art classroom building on a college campus, or … [Read more...]

Smart Grid Best Practices – We Need to Understand Worst Practices

Integrating digital technology by various electric utilities represents the most significant change to the U.S. electric grid in over a century. As these Smart Grid deployments mature, business process transformation has become an absolute necessity for benefits realization relative to the … [Read more...]