At Visibility Marketing Inc. we make you “more visible” by creating and executing integrated marketing communications solutions.

We solve your communications needs. Whether it is a new or updated website, marketing collateral (brochures, annual reports, catalogs, newsletters, posters, fliers) or targeted public relations campaigns aimed at specific audiences, we help you create the best solution for maximum exposure and maximum results.

We are the professionals who will help to talk with your key targeted audiences. It could be your employees, customers, clients, members, shareholders or the community. Visibility Marketing can help you reach them with the right messages and frequency that can make you “more visible” and profitable.

Visibility Marketing also has its “green visibility” initiatives. What does it mean? Well, we offer triple bottom line messaging that communicates a return on investment. We communicate your  fiscal, social, and environmental responsibility. How?

  • Media and public relations for Smart Grid and Smart Water Management initiatives.
  • Messaging that communicates the customer benefits associated with sustainable consumer behavioral modification.
  • Business case messaging for the green building and construction industry.
  • Writing and editing green economy articles and publications.
  • Communicating campaign development for energy management, environmental stewardship and smart water management initiatives.
  • Facilitating of public awareness and community education forums for advanced energy, and environmental initiatives.
  • Strategic messages in the areas of climate change and environmental justice.

Contact us. You can call or email us. We’d love to talk to you and our first consultation is free.