Why the C-Suite Desperately Needs Human-Centered Communication Planning

MP900285181Mergers and acquisitions, overhauling ineffective customer engagement models, and enterprise-wide Information Technology deployments will guarantee disruptive change within any organization. Invariably the CEO declares success to shareholders when the merger is complete. The Chief Operations Officer salivates over the integration of newly developed business processes that will usher in business efficiency. Chief Information Officers obtain buy-in from fellow C-Level colleagues that cloud computing and managed services will better serve internal and external customers.

It is at this point that senior leadership often requests that our firm, Visibility Marketing Inc., develop strategic communication targeted to employee groups as well as all know stakeholders. Senior executives often underscore the poor adoption and utilization of new processes and technological tools are undermining organizational performance. As with our clients, many C-Suite leaders are painfully learning that insular decision making and demanding “ownership” of responsibilities will not sustain optimal performance.

Ultimately, we advise and counsel senior leadership of ways to align human-centered approaches with business process improvement and technology solutions. In order to actualize employee performance, senior leadership must connect vision and strategy in ways that personally resonate with each employee.

Our human-centered approach at Visibility Marketing Inc. includes the following:

* Strategic Communication Planning: Communication across any medium must be rooted in proven approaches to behavior modification. Visibility Marketing Inc. partners with a psychologist, Dr. Angela Adams Ali to deliver behavior-based solutions to clients. * Organizational Change Management: Todd Q. Adams, a certified Prosci™ Organizational Change Management Practitioner advises senior executives on ways to proactively manage organizational resistance.

* Coaching: We repeatedly find that employee engagement is a huge problem with clients. Montrie Rucker Adams helps clients to leverage internal and external resources in ways that connect individual performance results to business outcomes.

The integration of strategic communication planning, organizational change management methodologies, and business coaching for management lead to measurable success. What is common to all business transformation is the need for human-centered approaches.

About Montrie Rucker Adams

Montrie Rucker Adams, APR, DTM, MBA is an award-winning writer and public relations professional. As president and chief visibility officer at Visibility Marketing Inc., she leads the marketing communications and public relations company in strategic stakeholder engagement, making people, products and services more visible.