Be More Visible! And The Power of Ten

The number ten signifies completeness. It implies that nothing is wanting. Ten is a very significant number so far for me in 2010. Here’s why:

~We launched the much needed and very helpful booklet Be More Visible! Create More Interest in You, Your Product or Service

~We celebrated Visibility Marketing’s tenth anniversary in October (tenth month), with Don’t Drop the Dream! a fundraiser for Continue Life, a homeless shelter for pregnant and parenting women.

~Over 100 people attended Don’t Drop the Dream!

~I was ten when I first visited my father’s company and decided I wanted to own a business

~Visibility Marketing won COSE’s Ten Under 10 Award for best practices in innovation, growth/success, value to the community and the environment, diversity promotion and customer service.

I’ve just listed five (half of ten) significant tens for Visibility Marketing. The first ten people who email me will receive the new booklet, Be More Visible! Create More Interest in You, Your Product or Service.

In it are more than 60 (six times ten) ways to tell others about you or what you have to offer. Using these tips at least once a week will create mre visibility, which often leads to more sales.

Thanks in advance for your support and continue to Be More Visible!

About Montrie Rucker Adams

Montrie Rucker Adams, APR, DTM, MBA is an award-winning writer and public relations professional. As president and chief visibility officer at Visibility Marketing Inc., she leads the marketing communications and public relations company in strategic stakeholder engagement, making people, products and services more visible.