Why Men Kill The Ones They Love…Personal and Professional Reflections

In his latest blog, Jewel Woods writes:

My mother is a wiry-thin black woman who – soaking weight, with rollers in her hair and wearing a pair of roller skates – only weighs about 110 pounds. My father, on the other hand, was around 6 feet 2, 220 pounds, a former Golden Gloves champion, and a ex-Marine. Therefore, as a child, I simply could not picture what it was like for a man, particularly this man who appeared to be a giant to me, to hit a woman, let alone my mother. But he did.

What makes a 34-year-old man, walk into his estranged wife’s job, douse her with gasoline, and then set her on fire? What makes a 28-year- old man go on a shooting spree, killing 10 people including his mother?

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